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Pizza recipe

Be it any occasion, we all love to eat pizza at home. But, what goes behind making this delicious dish? Well, learn all about making a delicious pizza at home with this easy recipe that will take you through detailed steps some tips that will guide you in preparing a Pizza at home. Pizza is one of the most sought-after dishes of Italian cuisine and is one of the easy dishes that you can prepare at home for your loved ones. The only setback is – making the perfect pizza base. Not everyone can make it. However, in this easy recipe, we give you step-by-step details on how to make a pizza using the fresh pizza base. Though you can buy a pizza base from the nearest superstore or market, the real taste of a pizza will only come when you make a fresh pizza. Also, another thing about pizza making is that you need to bake it at the right temperature and under the right conditions. So, if you are all set to make the pizza at home, here is an easy recipe that will guide you to prepare that perfect pizza. All you need to prepare the simplest Pizza at home is all-purpose flour, dry yeast, warm water, onion, tomato, capsicum, and different kinds of cheese along with tomato ketchup. Here, in this Italian recipe, we have used mushrooms as well, which is a subjective choice. You can also add any other vegetable of your liking to the pizza. This dish is one of the most versatile dishes, in which you can use any of your favourite veggies. This cheesy delight can be served on occasions like kitty party, potluck and even game night. If you have a party planned at home, then it’s the easiest dish to prepare. Before serving, sprinkle some oregano and red chillies over the pizza and enjoy with tomato ketchup.

2 Servings
2 cup all purpose flour
100 grams processed cheese
100 mililitre tomato ketchup
4 mushroom
1 tomato
1/2 capsicum (green pepper)
2 onion
1 teaspoon oregano
1 teaspoon chilli flakes
1/2 cup mozzarella
1 teaspoon baking powder
1 tablespoon dry yeast
1 teaspoon sugar
water as required.

Step 1 / 5 Prepare The Pizza Dough
Take a dough kneading plate and add all-purpose flour to it. Next, add salt and baking powder in it and sieve the flour once. Then, make a well in the centre and add 1 teaspoon of oil to it. On the other hand, take a little warm water and mix the yeast in it along with 1 teaspoon of sugar. Mix well and keep aside for 10-15 minutes. The yeast will rise in the meantime. Once the yeast has risen, add it to the flour knead the dough nicely using some water. Keep this dough aside for 4-6 hours. Then knead the dough once again. Now, the pizza dough is ready.

Step 2 / 5 Prepare The Pizza Base
Preheat the oven at 180 degree Celsius. Now, is the time to make the pizza base when the dough is ready. Dust the space a little using dry flour and take a large amount of the pizza dough. Using a rolling pin, roll this dough into a nice circular base. (Note: Make sure that the circular base is even at all ends.) Once you have made the base, use a fork and prick the base with it so that the base doesn’t rise and gets baked nicely. Put it into the preheated oven and bake it 10 minutes. Now, your pizza base is ready.

Step 3 / 5 Chop All The Vegetables For The Pizza
Now, wash the capsicum and slice it thinly in a bowl. Then, peel the onions and cut thin slices of it as well in another bowl. And finally, cut tomatoes and mushrooms in the same manner. However, make sure that those tomatoes have less juice in them. Once all the veggies are done, Now, grate the processed and mozzarella cheese in separate bowls.

Step 4 / 5 Spread The Sauce And Veggies On The Base
Then, take the fresh pizza base and apply tomato ketchup all over. Spread half the processed cheese all over the base and evenly put the veggies all across the base. Once you have put all the veggies, put a thick layer of mozzarella cheese.

Step 5 / 5 Bake The Pizza At 250 Degree Celsius For 10 Minutes
Put this pizza base in a baking tray and place it inside the oven. Let the pizza bake 10 minutes at 250 degree Celsius. Once done, take out the baking tray and slice the pizza. Sprinkle oregano and chilli flakes as per your taste and serve hot. (Note: Make sure that the oven is preheated at 250 degree Celsius for 5 minutes at least.)

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