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Lemon juice recipe

How To Make Lemon Juice | Summer Special Nimbu Pani Preparation Step by Step

Lemon Juice Recipe: One of the quickest drinks which can be made instantly at home is Lemon juice. Generally lemon produces a sour flavor. But the combination of sugar and lime gives a good taste. The enjoyable summer drink which quenches the thirst is lemon juice. It is easy to prepare and healthiest juice in summer too. All the refreshment and relaxed feeling can be felt by taking it. Lemon contains vitamin C which is more helpful to the human body. The lemon juice will give a better taste than anything. By choosing a sweet lemon it offers a natural sweetness. It always doesn’t give the same taste every time you prepare right? Lemon Recipes keep body cool in summers.

If the correct amount of sugar, lemon and the water quantity is taken then precise taste can be obtained with the tasty flavor. It also contains bits of iron and vitamin A other than calcium and potassium. Having a juice along with the olive oil will helps you to clear gall stones. Lemon also incorporates a good essence in your diet. The most nourishing and enjoyable juices which will give more benefits in terms of vitamins, weight loss, Problems regarding digestion, Prevention of stones in kidneys. If you want to have juice in the morning then minimum gap of 30 minutes is needed before taking breakfast.

The cheapest juice can be made where you do not need any type of juicer. There are many hidden powers in lemon. With the help of lemon peel, medicines can also be made. It also increases the immunity to our body. Above you can find the easy and the simple way recipe of lemon juice.

Ingredients Required for Lemon Juice Recipe:

  • Water -1 cup
  • Fresh Lemon-1
  • Sugar- 2 table spoon
  • Ice cubes-3-4
  • Salt- a pinch
  • Squeezer item-1

Lemon Juice Recipe Preparation Process:

  1. Firstly take lemon and cut into two equal half’s.
  2. With the help of squeezer item, squeeze the lemon juice into a glass from each half.
  3. Now add sugar, salt and water.
  4. Stir it properly until the sugar and salt content get dissolves.
  5. Lemon juice is ready to be served. Serve cool with the ice cubes.

Tips: The intake of lemon juice with the warm water and honey during morning time results in loss of body weight and gives the good effect to the skin and hair.

Lemon juice is ready ! Enjoy !


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